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Mirror sites: testing.holmerup.biz and testrecordings.net. If one is slow, try the other. :)
Welcome to my testsite!
Here you can find test recordings made by me. For the moment there are only microphone recordings - but the list of microphones is growing little by little.

Eventually, some other stuff will be added as well. I'm planning to make some tests with various popfilters, as well as really serious tests with signal cables
and AD/DA-converters and maybe other things as I come to think of them - so check the site now and then to keep yourself updated on the progress. :)

Best regards,
Claes Holmerup

The microphones section

Latest updates:
29th of november 2010 (batch 11)
28th of may 2011 (batch 12)
28th of may 2012 (batch 13)
139 different microphones so far...

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Any size of the donation is very much appreciated. :)