Your banner on the testsite?

I'm exploring the possible interest for this, so I can partly finance this big website - which does cost some to run...

The site is visited by a lot of people from around the world - and several links are leading here from various Internet-forums and websites - from a lot of different countries, so with a banner here, there's a good chance that more visits to your site can be generated, if you make an eye-catching banner.

There's room for banners at the top and bottom of the page. In addition to the current banners, there's room for one more half size banner and one full size (or other combinations of full and half) at the top. More than that at the top will become too much in my opinion.
At the bottom, the space is not that limited, but I don't want the site cluttered...
I'm also open for a row of square format banners at the bottom.

Banner sizes:


The ones I have in mind, who might be interested in placing banners here, are for example:
- Private persons or groups who want to draw attention to their music via a banner pointing to their own website.
- Distributors who want people to find the products they represent.
- Manufacturers that want to broaden knowledge of their products.
- Magazines which want to attract new subscribers.
- Studios that want to show their names and attract more customers.

There are two mirror sites - and of course, the banners are placed on both mirrors.

What about the cost then?
300 SEK (about 43 USD) / month for a full size banner at the top.
170 SEK (about 24 USD) / month for a half size banner at the top.

200 SEK (about 29 USD) / month for a full size banner at the bottom.
120 SEK (about 17 USD) / month for a half size banner at the bottom.
90 SEK (about 13 USD) / month for a square banner at the bottom.

The banners are uploaded after full payment has been received by bank transfer (all bank fees paid by you).
If the interest for this banner advertising becomes too big, I might have to put a limit on how long the same person/company will be allowed to have a banner placed on the site. Otherwise, others migh not get a chance to place their banner here - but that's not an issue currently.

Since this is handled through my company, you will naturally receive a proper receipt by mail for this advertisement, so you can make a tax deduction for marketing costs, if you are a company.

You have to make the banner yourself, since I'm far from being a graphic genious... You then send the banner to me via mail. It should be in GIF- or JPG-format (animated GIF is also ok), so that some sort of script doesn't slow things down or make any errors. This picture-banner will be placed on the site, with a link to your prefered website.
The reason why I prefer banners which are located on the site, is that it's the only way I can be certain that it always works while the testsite works. With external banners, there's always a risk that the site that's hosting the banner, is down - and I want to avoid this because it looks ugly on the site...

To let me know that you're interested, just send me an e-mail, and we'll sort out the details.

Best regards,
Claes Holmerup
Holmerup Musik & Data, Sweden